7th grade History

Assignment: Write a 1-2 page essay on the life and work of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Nicolaus Copernicus was born in 1473 in Torun, Poland. While Nicolaus was still young his father died and his mother, brought him to live with her brother ( Nicolauses uncle ). When Nicolaus got older he went to study liberal arts, including astronomy and astrology, at the University of Cracow. But like many scholars during his time, he went on without finishing his degree. Now why is Nicolaus so spoken of today? What is he famous for? Nicolaus Copernicus was the first man to come up with theory of the heliocentric theory. This is a theory about the sun being at the center of the solar system and all the other planets circling around the sun. Now, back in Nicolaus day, this was unheard of. Everyone believed that all of the planets circled around the sun. This was just his theory of course though. But the more that Nicolaus thought about it the more he decided that he should write a book about he theory. And he did! Although he was very afraid to publish it. So, he showed he life’s long work to his friends and they thought that he should definitely publish the book. While all of this was happening, Nicolaus was slowly dying, he had internal bleeding. The day before his death the copy of his newly published book arrived at his house. Nicolaus Copernicus died in 1543. His theory was very controversy at first, but then people began to consider this. One person that definitely believe in Nicolaus theory was the famous, Galileo.

Today we now know for sure that the planets are circling the sun. And this is thanks to Nicolaus Copernicus’s theory ( and many other people after him ). We also know that each planet rotates itself. 😉

( I would post some pictures, but it doesn’t seem to be working right 😦 )

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7th grade history


Assignment: Summarize the life of two or more of the famous Renaissance men you studied this week.

Today I am going to talk about Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Leonardo Da Vinci:

Da Vinci was born in 1452, to a peasant woman and a fairly wealthy man. Leonardo grew up with his father, who was always seeking the right education for young Da Vinci, for his father could easily see that Leonardo was a talented artist. As Leonardo grew up, he conducted many more talents and interests. Such as, sculpting, science, anatomy, and engineering. Leonardo always dreamed of flying, and he grew very interested in it. It’s said the he bought some birds from the market just to let them go so that he could studie how they flew. After he did this, Leonardo started to attempt to make a flying machine so that he could achieve his dream. Many people said that Leonardo was much ahead of his time. As many people know, Leonardo is much famous for his artwork. The most famous piece that he painted is called “The Mona Lisa.” But why is this painting so famous? It is like any other painting the Leonardo painted. Let me explain, A few months back I traveled to France. While I was there I visited the Louvre, that where the Mona Lisa is kept, and I got to see the real Mona Lisa! Anyway, the tour guide explained why the Mona Lisa in so famous. That is because, it was once stolen from the Louvre, and it took many months to get it back. When it was stolen there was many articles about in the papers and common people just started looking for it. After a while it turned up, and the Mona Lisa was now one of the most famous paintings in the Louvre. Leonardo Da Vinci died in 1519, at 67 years old. His is remembered as one of the greatest men in the time of the Renaissance.

Leonardo Da Vinci quote: “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” 


Michelangelo Buonarroti, was born in 1475 in Caprese Michelangelo, Italy. He was a very famous sculptor and painter from the renaissance period. Not to much is known about his early life as a child. He is described as a hot tempered, but his character was much more complex than the sullen artist stereotype. He was also deeply religious. Although Michelangelo was most famous for his paintings and sculptures, he was also a architect. Here are some of his most famous works: The statue of David ( which he carved from a marble block), his painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Pietà, and many more works of art. He wasn’t know to have any wives or children and lived most his life by himself.  Michelangelo died in 1564 in Rome, Italy. Today he is remembered as a great artist and sculptor from the renaissance.

Michelangelo quote: “I saw an angle in the marble, and I carved until I set him free.”

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Mystery blog award

Thank you, Dreamer, for nominating me! Check out her blog, it’s awesome! https://theworkofadreamer.com/


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Questions and Answers:

Q. What was the hardest thing you’ve ever baked?

A. Pastries. 

Q. Cookies or brownies?

A. Brownies! And not just any brownies, Thin mint brownies!

Q. Homemade bread or store bought bread?

A. Homemade is the best.

Q. What was the worst baking or cooking fail that you have ever caused?

A. Well actually, I have caused quite a few cooking and baking fails. Here’s a few: When my brownies came out rock hard. When I burnt ALL of the bacon. When everything with my pasteries went wrong. (This is not all, trust me.)

Q. And finally, cooking or baking?

A. Baking!

Three facts about myself:

I have 4 blogs.

I have a cat.

My favorite dessert is ice cream cake.

The people I nominate:

Questions for my nominees:

  • Do you like RPC?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Have you ever tried to open the dishwasher super quick to see the blades still spinning squirting water?
  • Ice cream or cake?
  • Were my questions good enough?

My semester report: https://blowyourmindhomeschool.wordpress.com/2020/01/22/semester-report/.

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Hi! Today I am going to talk about stress.

What is stress? Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses. Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts. Even though stress may be normal, it really isn’t good for you to stress to much, because this can cause anxiety and that can lead to heart attacks, headaches, upset stomach, muscle aches and much more. People who stress a lot usually have lot going on in their lives that they have no control over, or they do have control over they just don’t know how to take control.

How is stress caused? Stress is different in every person. Some people can get easily flustered with so much to do. Some people just have to much to do in so little time. Some people have to much to deal with. And sometimes, you are just in a plain old stressful situation.

How do I stop stress? Well, you are always going to stress out about something one time or another because it is normal, so you can’t really stop stress. But what you can do is stress less. When you stress out, you tense up a lot of muscles, and if you stress about everything daily that means you are really tense. The best way to fix that is to get a massage. Or you could do yoga. Both of these things help release tense muscles. Laugh more. Laughter also helps un-tense your muscles, and laughter is laughter it is said to cure anything. 😉

What if I am in a really stressful situation? When ever I am in a stressful situation I always ask myself this: What is going on here? Is there something I can do to help? Is there someone I can ask for help? I know, these questions don’t work in all situations but you can always try with them.;)

Thanks for reading! Do you stress out a lot? How do you help the problem? 😀




Hey everyone! Today I am going to talk about concussions.

What is concussion? A concussion is a traumatic brain injury. They can happen when you bonk your head of something hard. When you think of injury’s, you usually think of what the injury looks like on the outside not the inside. With a concussion the injury is all on the inside and so people can’t tell that you have a concussion unless you tell them. What are the symptoms of a concussion? Some symptoms of concussions are, you need more sleep, or you can hardly sleep at all, you are always dizzy, getting lots of headaches, can’t think clearly, and can’t remember much. If you get any of these symptoms you should head to the doctor stat. Having a brain injury is different than other body injury’s because you have to rest in a totally different way. If you break your arm, you are still able to attend school, if you go to school with a concussion it’s not only difficult to learn, you are making the concussion worse my using your brain. The best treatment for a concussion is sleep, lots and lots of sleep.

Now, I am going to tell you how to build back up from a concussion. After rest for a few day’s try reading a couple pages of a book, and then rest again. This is the fist step to start building your brain back up. Next, if you can read a book or be on an electronic for 4-5 hours, you are reading to go back to school for about 3-4 hours. If you can read for a whole day, then you are ready to go back to school on a normal schedule.

What about sports, when can I start playing sports again? If you are starting to go back to school again on a regular schedule, then you can try sports. But you have to reintroduce your sport in small chunks just like with school work. Start with doing it by yourself or with one other person. That way you have a smaller risk of getting hit. Once you are fully recovered from the concussion you can go back to your everyday activities.

Fun fact: 80-90% of people fully recover from concussions ( that’s a lot).

Concussions can be scary but that doesn’t mean stop doing the things you love, just be safe and protect your brain. 😉

Thanks for reading!


7th grade English

Assignment: Write a two page story of your own that incorporates the style you have learned from reading The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. The story should be based on Robin Hood, include a new adventure, and you are welcome to introduce a new character to the story as well.

It twas only now that Robin fully understood what an outlaw he really was. Robin was staring down at a poster that had been stuck to a tree. The king had put a 5 hundred dollar bounty on his head. But Robin just grinned, did they really think that a five hundred dollar bounty would stop him from his ways and finally be captured? Pshhh, no way! Just staring at that paper Robin came up with a plan. “Little John! Crew!” He called. Out from the trees swung Robin Hoods Merry men. “What tis it?” Little John asked Robin. Robin turned the paper around and showed his faithful followers. They all gasped “You have a plan right, Robin?” Asked Will Scarlet. One small grin was all they needed to see.

“Tell us, robin, tell us!”

Robin whispered his plan to his fellow lads. “I have an old freind at the printing press who can help!” Said Little John.

“Alright! Lets put this plan into action  lads!”

Later at the Printing Press…..

“Big Tim! It’s so nice to see ya!” Little John said to his old freind.

“Ahh. Little John. What a nice surprise. What da ya want. I know ya want something from may.” Big Tim thundered.

Little John winced. “Are ya willing to help a freind out? I just need ya to print something for me and da crew.

Big Tim grinned. “Of course ya do. Leme see.

Little John showed him the paper Will Scarlet drew. “We need 21 ‘O these.”

As soon as Big Tim saw the picture he burst out laughing. “Anything for an old pal!”

Meanwhile at the base……

“This enough bags?” Will asked Robin.

“Ya, five should be enough. Robin replied. Fill em’ with sawdust boys!”

Later in the night…..

“Did you get em’ all printed?” Robin asked Little John.

“Yup, and just how you asked”

The next evening…..

“C’mon, Lads. Right this way. Past the guards. Be quite now.” Robin whispered to his men.

Robin was sneaking into the palace to set things right with the king tonight. “Climb in the window, boys. And be quite!” Robin pushed all his lads into the kings room. A few minutes later…

“All set, Robin! Come in now.” Little John loudly whispered and pulled Robin up into the window.

As Robin went up, all his lads climbed down except Little John. As soon as he was up Robin ran in the King’s bathroom and climbed into his bathtub. He saw all of the things set in place as he went by. His lads did a splendid job. “Ahh, Ahh, AhhCHOO!”Robin herd the king sneeze. Yup, everything was working out perfect.

“What the-” King John said. He litterly just woke up in the middle of the night and was now staring at a picture of himself on a sheet of paper. And above him it said “5 hundred dollar bounty.” “AHHH” he screamed, had the citizens finally caught on to what he was doing to them? He started sweating and got out of bed to go wash himself in the bathroom. As soon as King John entered the bathroom a bucket of syrup fell on his head. When he whipped the stickiness out of his eyes the door shut quickly behind him, and the king was left standing in dark-until a candle lit and he was staring at himself all around him. The posters were all around him-posters of him and a bounty on his head! Then the curtain of the bathtub started moving and out jumped Robin with a sheet over his head so he looked like a ghost. The King, started stepped backwards and tripped on something and fell into a pile of sawdust, to him this felt like spider crawling all over him. “AHHH!!” He screamed. Then Robin began to speak in a deep voice. “Your royal evilness, look what you have done! You have disappointed the gods of the sky and shall now be vanished from the earth!” Robin boomed.

“Wait! Please! There must be something I can do! Please, I will do anything!” King John wailed.

“Well, there is one thing you can do-” Robin said.

“Tell me, please, tell me! Anything!”

“You shall show me where you keep all of your cash and give it all to me!”


“Or you shall be banished from the earth!”

“Okay! I will. Come come.” The King said. He shakily turned the door handle and lead the ghost into his room. “Here. It’s all in there.” He said pointing to a closet.

“Why don’t you open it?”

“Okay….” The king turned the lock and presented what was in the closet to Robin. “Take it. Take it all, please!”

Robin nodded and let of an ear piercing shriek. And three men with shirts pulled over their heads ran into the room and started pulling money from the closet and tossing it out the window. Little did the king know, was that there was three men at the bottom of the window catching the money and running into the village to give to the poor. When the closet was emptied, the men and ghost just left. The king just stood shocked in the corner the rest of the night.

“Ha! I could hear his screams! He really scared! Great plan Robin!” The men all patted him on the back. All Robin could do was grin.

The more the king thought about the more it didn’t make sense. How could a ghost have feet? He saw feet, green feet-Wait! There was only one person who had green feet or more like green shoes-“Robin Hood!!!”

I hoped you liked my story! Thanks for reading!


My egg drop experiment

Hello! Recently, my sister and I did an egg drop experiment. What’s that? An egg drop experiment is an experiment where you see if your egg cracks when dropped from a specific height in a protection that you designed for it.

  • The height dropped: 13 1/2 ft.
  • The eggs weight: 1.98 ounces
  • Materials used to build eggs protection: Plastic Easter egg, 6 popsicle sticks, 1 balloon, and duck tape.

How I built my eggs protection:

First I put my egg inside the plastic Easter egg and wrapped it up with duck tape. Next, I took the popsicle sticks, broke them in half, and duck tapped them around the egg. Lastly, I blew up the balloon and duck taped it to the egg.

Here is what my egg and it’s protection looks like:


My prediction: The balloon attached to the egg will hopefully slow the fall, and the duck tape and popsicle sticks will protect the egg from being damaged.

My observation: My egg dropped straight to the ground ( thanks a lot balloon ) and bounced once it hit the ground.

My conclusion: Determining from the video that was taken when I dropped my egg, the egg did not crack when I dropped it ( like I thought it had before I saw the video ) but when I opened it. The duck tape ripped the shell of the egg.

That’s my egg drop experiment! You should try it sometime, it’s fun and easy!





My drawing of a brain

For my assignment in science today, I had to draw a brain. With a little help of course ( brains are hard to draw 🙂 ).

So here it is:


What did you think? Did I do good enough? Tell me in the comments! 😀


7th grade History


Assignment: Write a one to two page essay on King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.

King Ferdinand the 2nd was born in 1452. He grew up to be the King of Arago, Spain. Queen Isabella the 1st was born in 1451. She grew up to be the Queen of Castile, Spain. In 1469, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella married each other and united the kingdoms of Arago and Castile and were now the king and queen of all of Spain. Ferdinand and Isabella were the fist king and queen of Spain to do this. They were both very Catholic and so, people called them the Catholic monarchs of Spain. During their reign, Something that Ferdinand and Isabella wanted to do was bring back royal authorities in Spain. So, they established their own police force and court system to make sure that they were respected in their country. Also, they very often went from city to city to keep tabs of all of their kingdoms. By the time the Inquisition ( The Inquisition was a powerful office set up within the Catholic Church to root out and punish heresy throughout Europe and the Americas. It was a very sad time is history, beginning in the 12th century and continuing for hundreds of years, the Inquisition is infamous for the severity of its tortures and its persecution of Jews and Muslims.) rolled around the king and queen wanted to make their own Inquisition. So they did. They asked the permission of the pope to begin the Spanish Inquisition to purify the people of Spain. They were granted permission and all of the Jews and Muslims were asked to leave all of Spain. This happened in many other county’s as well, if any Jews or Muslims were found hiding they were put to death. King Ferdinand, thought of himself of kind, and told the Jews and Muslims that if they converted to Catholic that they would be welcomed back into their homes and continue the life that they had had in the fist place. Many people had no choice but to do this because they had no where else to go to. Another important event that Ferdinand and Isabella took place in was in 1492. Yes, that’s right. Ferdinand and Isabella were the King and Queen to fund Columbus’s journey across the sea when the other Monarchs laughed in his face. This brought great wealth to the country of Spain when Columbus returned. 

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella changed history in many different ways. I hoped you enjoyed my essay. Please tell me if you spot any mistakes, I appreciate it!


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