Review of lessons 116-120

Business: We went over Facebook advertising, email marketing, and app development. I learned how to make my own app.

Biology: I learned all about insects and bugs, how they live, how they eat. Everything from scorpions, to spiders, to mites.

Mathematics: We covered arcs and chords, inscribed angles, tangents, and vertexes.

Western civilization: I learned about The Albigensian crusade, the Mendicant orders, and Magna Carta.

Western literature: I started reading the The Sack of Rome ( The city of God ).

Spanish: I am in level 6.


Lessons 106-110

This is what I did this week:

Mathematics: We started working on the basics of trigonometry, basics of circles and properties of chords. So far, Trig is fairly simple, but it is only the first week working on it.

Western literature: We wrapped up the New Testament and started reading the Justin, First Apology.

Western civilization: I learned about The Great Schism, France and The Medieval church in France.

Biology: We did an overview of the animal kingdom, and did an introduction to Invertebrates and Vertebrates. This material is quite interesting to be learning about, especially going into such depth.

Business 2: I am in the part of business skills development in the business course, this week I learned about audio recording, how to take better pictures, google keyword planning, and google ads.

Spanish: I am now taking Duolingo as my Spanish course and I am in unit four already.

Thank you for reading!


Lessons 91-95

This is what I did this week:

Math: I studied for my test that I took today. I got 30/35

Biology: I learned about organization of plant structures, and plant cell differentiation.

Business 2: I’m going to start writing an online kindle book. So I started planning my book.

Western civilization: I read and learned about the Byzantium empire, Islam, and Charlemagne.

Western literature: I just continued reading the New Testament.

Review of Week 12

This is what I learned in lessons 56-60.

Business: I learned about four more business opportunity’s. They where app development, 3D printing, bookkeeping and accounting, and lastly crowdfunding. I found bookkeeping to be the most interesting to me.

Math. In geometry I learned all about quadrilaterals, trapezoids, and parallelograms. Also had some algebra 2 review.

Biology: In biology I learned about community interactions, disturbance, and biogeographic’s and pathogens.

Western Civilization: We started with the background and then birth of Christianity. I learned about the religion, and then The New Testament.

Western Literature: The week started with and introduction to Latin literature. Then I started reading Oratorical Partitions, and I have been reading it since.

Thanks for reading my week 12 review.


Social Media Affects On Teens

(This paper is completely research based. )

First, lets define “Social Media”. The term is used to describe what we share on the web or apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Social media is any digital technology that allows people to instantly share or see information on the apps or the web.

When adults think of the effects that social media has on teens, they are quick to assume that it’s all bad. That it ruins our brains. Forces us into depression. Causes low self esteem. However, this is not always the truth.

Social media has always been in our lives, we don’t know a world without it. Unlike other generations before us. It’s nearly impossible to get away from it. It influences everything. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing though. There have been studies done that say about 70% of teens say that social media helped them through the hardest times in their lives. Apps like Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok help inspire a teens creativity and help them express themselves and how they feel. Social media has also been proven to improve a teens social skills and positively impact friendships. It can even develop closer relationships with family. Through apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Being social increases self confidence and esteem. Many teens today are very introverted. Social media has been seen to change this drastically. Teens today actually feel very left out without it. 

However if used wrong, that’s when social media can become dangerous. Many people will argue that social media can affect sleep schedule, grades, and behavior in teens. That’s true, it can. It’s very easy to get addicted to social media, or even a device in general. Most adults are addicted to their phones as well. The average teen spends about 9 hours a day on social media. That’s why it’s important to have boundaries when it comes to the media. Actually, it’s been proven. If you don’t use your phone or device 1-2 hours before you fall asleep, you are bound to have some of the best sleep of your life. Which will help with grades and behavior. 

Another problem with teens and the media, often discussed, is body image. Most teenagers struggle with body image no matter what size they are. This is because our society has become so obsessed with putting the image in our minds that we need to become the “perfect person.” Even though there is no such thing. That’s why it’s so important for teens to talk to their parents or others about how the media is making them feel. They need to know that most of what people post on Instagram is fake. In order for them to maintain a healthy relationship with social media, and a healthy lifestyle.

What I’m trying to get through, is that the use of social media has only proven to be bad when it’s not used right, or used too much. That’s why it’s important for parents to be involved. Talk to their teen about social media, and how they feel, or how the parents feel. Teens get a lot more good things out of social media than bad. If used right, with correct boundaries, can improve their mental health, spark creativity, help them not feel left out among others, and help them become more social in this modern world.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!


Teenage Friends.


Business lesson 45

Write 250 word essay on the business opportunity which most intrigued you this week.

Every week for the past 3 weeks I have been learning all about different business opportunity’s and how I can make a web based business out of them. The goal is to pick one or two that I find most interesting and start up my own web based business with it by the end of the year. I should have to stick with this business for the next 5 years until I’m making a significant amount of money off of it. That is the whole goal.

This week the business opportunity’s we looked at where blogging, photography, website security, and selling products online. I’m going to list my least favorite to favorite.

My least favorite would probably be “website security”. It doesn’t really seem to spark an interest with me.

Second least favorite would probably be “Selling products online”. If I did this I would have no idea what physical products to sell.

Third, is photography. I actually quite enjoy photography. However, If I had a business with photography, I would need to be really really good at taking photos. Most people now days have a smart phone, which have really good camera quality. Rare few people hire photographers anymore, or buy high priced photos online.

My favorite business opportunity I learned about this week was blogging. I could really see myself blogging for other peoples businesses. It sparks an interest in me. It sounds like something I could do for 5 years and not get bored. I have my own few blogs and love them. However, I would need to get much better at writing, but I could work at it.

Those are all the business opportunity’s I learned about this week. Thanks for reading1 Have a nice day!


Western Civilization lesson 45

What specific changes occurred in Roman society as a result of the Struggle of the Orders?

The struggle of the orders was a very significant time in Rome history. It went from 494 and lasted to 287 BC This was a political battle between the plebeians class ( Commoners who lives in Rome and where not very wealthy ), and the patrician class ( Very rich people ). They were at a dispute oh whether the plebeians should have as much freedom as the patricians.

The plebeian class was fed up with being treated like scum by the the patricians. So they all up and left Rome. They greatly outnumbered the patricians so this worked out well for them. Because it deprived the upper class from all their servants and subjects. The patricians begged them to return. Gradually, they did, but only if things would change for the plebeians. Things did change. Intermarriage between the two classes was now allowed. They allowed a person to enter a class they had not been in before. Enslaving people who owed you debt was no longer legal. By the year 342 BC, a plebeian was made a roman consul.

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Biology lesson 40

Write a 150-250 word essay on:┬áIs cancer alive? Why aren’t doctors able to uncover a single cause or cure for it? Why isn’t cancer contagious?

Is cancer alive? Yes and no. It is not alive how humans are alive, however, cancer cells are alive. The more that they grow the more alive they become. Then they will turn into something like an organism. From there they multiply, spread and takeover.

So, why cant doctors find a single cure for it? This is because cancer is not just one disease. There are so many types of cancer, it would be impossible to find a single cause or cure. However there are some different types of treatment. One treatment that a lot of people use to try to treat the cancer is Chemo-Therapy. This a very expensive treatment and has proved to put the patient through a lot. Using cannabis has been found to fight against cancer. Studies have shown that THC and other cannabinoids like CBD can slow the growth and even cause death in certain cancer cells. Cannabis could even be used along side Chemo-Therapy to fight the bad side affects of the Chemo.

Lastly, why isn’t cancer contagious? This is because cancer is formed in your cells in your body. These cells cannot exist outside of you. Therefore, cancer is not contagious.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!


Review of week 8

Western civilization: This week I learned about Alexander the great, Greece and western liberty, Hellenistic world and culture. My favorite lesson was the one on Alexander the great. At the end of the week I wrote an short essay in my book

Western literature: I’ve been reading Hesiod’s book, Theogony. This week I read lines 202-828, work and days.

Math: This week in geometry I learned about perpendicular bisectors and triangles, proving isosceles triangles, and altitudes and medians.

Business: We went over web business opportunity’s. Which where, search engine optimization, graphic design, website theme development, and copywriting. My favorite out of all of these, was website theme development. This is something that is very interesting to me and seems like a really cool business to have.

Biology: In biology this week I learned about biotechnology, cancer, viruses, viroid’s and gene cloning. I thought the lesson on biotechnology was very interesting.

Thanks for reading my overview of week 8, have a great day!


Western Civilization lesson 30

Why was the Peloponnesian war fought? What was its long term significance?

The Peloponnesian was was fought in Ancient Greece between the two main city states, Athens and Sparta. It began right after the Persian wars had ended in 449 BC. The two city states had a hard time agreeing on their respective spheres of influence and Sparta feared that the Athens had to much power, or at least more then Sparta had. So a war broke out between them. After many long battles the Spartans eventually won the war in 404 BC. This lead to the Spartans rise in power, and naval power. The Peloponnesian War marked the end of the Golden Age of Greece. The balance of power had completly shifted.

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